It all starts with a corset

Blake Lively made a big fashion splash at the Savages premier in LA this week. Dawning a flawless Zuhari Murad gown, Blake was classically stunning.

When we tell people we make corsets, they are immediately taken back to the 1800’s or they assume we make fetish wear. What most people don’t know is that they see corsets in fashion every day. Beautiful bridal gowns, red carpet dresses, and couture evening wear all starts with essentially a corset. Knowing how to utilize boning, to make a structured bodice is one of the key elements of creating a beautiful gown. The bodice is the foundation for many of the dresses you lust after in fashion magazines. A well structured bodice also gives designer gowns the tailored look you see on the runways of the world.

Kate Moss in Vercase

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 12

 Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Spread in Jean Paul Gautier corset (right)

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