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Corset Bling

We had a special request from stylist Tiffany Gifford to create custom black leather corset that could have interchangeable Bling for Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square. The first bit of bling we created for Shawna’s corset was variety of jewels, beads, and chains.

We took a variety of jewels we had in the studio covered them in our trade secret glue that is the strongest glue around, and dipped them in cool beads.

We then glued the beaded jewels to a piece of cotton Coutil and wrapped them in chains. The trim was attached to the corset by metal hooks that were sewn into the Coutil.

The finished corset looked amazing! The embellishments added something special to the basic black leather corset! The best part is that the bling is removable! Stay tuned to see what embellishments Tiffany requests next – maybe studs, flowers… we can create anything she can dream up!! It was a good craft day at ani&ari 🙂

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Miranda Lambert in ani&ari TONIGHT!!!

 Exciting news from our  atelier – we designed the custom corsets worn by  Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annie’s at their CMA Music Festival performance at LP Field. The show, Country’s Night To Rock, was taped in June but airs tonight on ABC!

Miranda’s corset was a challenge because of its custom cap sleeve, something we’ve never attempted before and she ended up loving.

Our sleeve innovation started with this simple bra cup that we turned into a structured shoulder pad. We then attached a custom made leather strap that is detachable from the corset.

For the next step was to cover the shoulder pad with the stretched black lambs leather. Guess what we used? Rubber cement  a trick we learned from watching our dad make saddles for cowboys in our basement – Thanks Dad!

Once the sleeves were covered in leather and sewn together we hand stitched two rows of chains around the rim of the shoulder pad. We spent extra time carefully measuring the chains to get the asymmetrical flattering look.

Voila!!! They turned out so cool and Miranda looked amazing in them!

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Inside the ani&ari studio: Fabrics

One of the most important steps in creating a custom corset is choosing the fabrics. Unlike many designers, we do not carry a specific swatch book full of fabrics to select from. We treat each corset as a work of art and no two corsets are alike. Our process of designing the perfect piece for the client begins with a one on one consultation. During the consultation we present different types of fabrics we like to work with and we see what they gravitate towards. Fabric choices depend on specifics about the customer’s style and where they will be wearing the corset. People’s taste is as individual as their measurements, so we cater to their different needs. The people we work with vary from knowing exactly what they want to letting us take complete design liberty to create what we see fit. Either way a allows for a unique piece to be born.

Cotton Coutil is the only specialty fabric that we always have in stock. Coutil is a very densely woven fabric created especially for corsetry. The tight weave helps to prevent poke throughs of boning and provides the ultimate in fabric strength and durability.

Combined with the cotton Coutil, we can overlay lace, embroidered organza, silk, linens and pretty much any other fabric you could imagine to make a corset.

The only fabrics we really try to avoid are any that stretch. With the structure of the boning and the shape, corsets just aren’t made to stretch. Imagine shoving a pillow up to a fence, the boning being the fence polls, and the pillow being ANY woman’s flesh. You don’t want anything stretching in-between the boning it just doesn’t work.

Sequins! Yay!

Leather and lace

Happy Wednesday! Be sure to keep checking back for more looks inside the studio!

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