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Operation Pink Sparkly Flames

We recently put our hearts and souls into this stunning black corset with magical pink sparkled flames cascading up the front. We try not to pick favorites, because we love every corset that we make, but this one was hard not to adore. Our inspiration was drawn from some of America’s outrageously cool style icons – Elvis Presley, Evel Knievel, Dolly Parton and one legendary costume designer; Bob Mackie. This corset is currently living with one of our favorite celebs, so keep your eyes peeled for this blinged out number to hit the stage sometime in the near future!!!

Creating this corset required us to really get out of our comfort zone and work with some different materials. Only a week prior to being commissioned for this piece we were given an AMAZING collection of vintage beads and sequins. A friend from Colorado, JoDee Costello, came across this gold mine as she was cleaning out a house that was once owned by a professional ballroom dancer. She apparently had left behind some of her costume décor and we were fortunate enough to get these passed on to us! Take a look at some of our vintage materials and watch this fierce number come to life!

We were given boxes and boxes of these fuchsia beads. We fell in love with the glass tubes they came in, how cool are the tiny cork tops?!?

This was our first attempt at laying out the flame. Danielle sketched a flame and we experimented with setting the beads and jewels into different combinations

We started with a custom black cotton corset with a zipper up the center front. From there we hand stitched the pink flames to the top layer of the corset, and lined the edge with Siam aka fire truck red Swarovski crystals.

We then filled the flames with a combination of rhinestones, sequins, and beads.

We added black Swarovski crystals around the flames to create a little more drama and like that it was done!

We had so much fun creating this piece, and can’t wait for it to make it to the stage, because clearly that’s the only place it belongs!

Thanks again to JoDee for the beautiful vintage sequins and beads, it wouldn’t have been the same without that special touch!

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a&a photo shoot

Woahhhh! Things have been crazy here at ani&ari. We recently went to LA and had our first official photo shoot. We had an amazing team, and we are SO excited to share the photos with you. Until then, here are a few behind the scene pics. Enjoy 😉

Behind the scenes pictures taken by

Denise López

Danielle and Ariel Tredway

Melinda Rodriguez

Photographer: Sye Williams

Styling by: ANNIE+MELA

Hair: Clark Ivor

Make up: Melissa Tolentino

Art Director: Denise López

Models/ LA Models

Coco Hunter


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Inside the ani&ari studio: Fabrics

One of the most important steps in creating a custom corset is choosing the fabrics. Unlike many designers, we do not carry a specific swatch book full of fabrics to select from. We treat each corset as a work of art and no two corsets are alike. Our process of designing the perfect piece for the client begins with a one on one consultation. During the consultation we present different types of fabrics we like to work with and we see what they gravitate towards. Fabric choices depend on specifics about the customer’s style and where they will be wearing the corset. People’s taste is as individual as their measurements, so we cater to their different needs. The people we work with vary from knowing exactly what they want to letting us take complete design liberty to create what we see fit. Either way a allows for a unique piece to be born.

Cotton Coutil is the only specialty fabric that we always have in stock. Coutil is a very densely woven fabric created especially for corsetry. The tight weave helps to prevent poke throughs of boning and provides the ultimate in fabric strength and durability.

Combined with the cotton Coutil, we can overlay lace, embroidered organza, silk, linens and pretty much any other fabric you could imagine to make a corset.

The only fabrics we really try to avoid are any that stretch. With the structure of the boning and the shape, corsets just aren’t made to stretch. Imagine shoving a pillow up to a fence, the boning being the fence polls, and the pillow being ANY woman’s flesh. You don’t want anything stretching in-between the boning it just doesn’t work.

Sequins! Yay!

Leather and lace

Happy Wednesday! Be sure to keep checking back for more looks inside the studio!

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